Welcome to Whangarei Girls' High School's "Master" wiki.
Kia Ora, Hello and Welcome to this new wiki. The purpose of this wiki/web page is to provide a place where links can be posted. Those links are to wikis, websites, group pages and possibly cloud-based resources run by subject groupings and individual staff at Whangarei Girls' High. It is designed to be minimalist as this will make it easier to find the information relevant to you. In a nutshell, it is a clearing house so you can find anything that teachers at WGHS have posted to the web.

Please email me your opinions as I really value feedback, both brickbats and bouquets - (preferably constructive and polite)

My email address is: haggis(dot)henderson(at)wghs(dot)school(dot)nz
I'm sorry it is cryptic but it reduces the recognition by web crawlers and reduces the amount of spam I get.

Nga mihi

Haggis Henderson
Physics and Science Teacher. Thursday the 5th of November 2015 at 1320 hrs

Links: Currently, we know of pages for:
Art History
The Facebook Page for the Art History Class
Art History Drop Box

The Facebook page for the WGHS Dance students and their families

DIT (Digital Information Technology)
Mr Jones's Sky Drive

Mrs Collins' Year 12 Drama Facebook Page
Mrs Collins' Year 11 Drama Facebook Page

Senior Enterprise
Senior Enterprise Group Facebook Page

The closed wiki of WGHS Spanish - provided by Mrs P. Henderson
Pinterest and search for either WGHS Spanish or SST Henderson for Mrs Henderson's pages

Padlet for Giapo Ice Cream and Research Kitchen

The main index page for Mrs Gwillim's Maths Weebly (this will take you to separate page menus)
Mr Musa's Mathematics Website


Mrs Drysdale's Year 10 Science Wiki/website
Mr Major's Science Page
Physics (and Junior Science) Home Page - provided by Mr H. Henderson
Mr Henderson's Resource Page for Y11 Science
Mr Henderson's NCEA2 Physics Page
Mr Henderson's NCEA3 Physics Page
Mr Henderson's 9Tui Science Page
Mr Henderson's 10Science1
Mr Henderson's 10Science7 class